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From Father to Coach

Hi Parents!!

I am starting a Bi-weekly “blog” for the lack of a better word to help you throughout you and your wrestler’s journey.

The topic I want to cover is your expectations for your child. Success at the youth level is never an indicator of what their successes will be when they are older. Your job as a parent is to be encouraging and give out positive energy to your child no matter the outcome of a match. If your child has the fear of letting you down while they are wrestling, their performance will falter. If they are able to walk on the mat knowing that you will approve of them no matter what, they will have a much more pleasant experience. I, as coach, had to learn this. I have always been a really hard nosed guy, and I had to learn that even though I want to instill toughness and heart into my kids, they had to know that no matter what I have their backs. This has been a process because early on, I didn't have anyone teaching me these values. Please learn from my mistakes. As they got older, and I got older, and wiser, I settled down a lot and my kids' performances improved. If a small child wins 5 state titles from ages 6-11, that does not mean they will win a state title in high school. If a child loses every match until middle school, that doesn't mean they can't win a state title in high school. Trust the process!! My only requirement is that they leave it all on the mat (give 100%) and never quit. Those are 2 things that they as the wrestler can control no matter what. If they do those things, I as their coach, will greet them with a warm heart as they walk off the mat no matter what. If there are any hard truths they need to hear, allow me to be the one to bring those to light. They will feel bad enough from the loss. Parents, your job is to just love them and let us coach them. You are gonna see the type of Parents I am urging you not to be at many meets this year. Don’t be that guy or gal. Until next time, whether it be on the mat or in life, wrestle hard, wrestle smart, and have fun!!!

Coach Travis Smith 12/1/21

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